Scarub of Living Legends



Armon Collins, better known by his stage name Scarub, is an underground hip hop artist from Los Angeles, California.[1] He is a member of the Living Legends collective.[2]

He has been a member of Log Cabin,[3] 3 Melancholy Gypsys,[4] and Afro Classics.[5]

Originating out of Los Angeles California, Scarub has been rapping, producing, and performing around the world for over a decade and a half, as a solo artist and member of the Living Legends crew. Since the release of his first solo album, The Answer Two The Meaning, in 1998, Scarub has gone on to record and release A Fact Of The Matter in 1999, Heaven Bound in 2000, A New Perspective in 2005, and One For The Road in 2006. As well as contributed to the albums, Almost Famous, Gypsy’s Luck, Afro Classics? Classic, Grand Caravan to the Rim of The World, The Gathering, The Classic EP, and most recently Classics Rock.









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