Regarded as one of the most promising new faces in the music industry, rapper and producer C3 is reshaping the definition of Hip Hop. Born Christophe Carlo Clay, in the rose city of Portland, Oregon in 1987, C3 grew up inspired by the charity and selflessness of his mother, humanitarian, Elisa Clay. The benevolence surrounding his upbringing motivated C3 to send a message to the world through his passion for the arts.

It all began at a young age. From just 7 years old, C3 found himself by the side of his mother shouting words of freedom and revolution out the mouth of a megaphone. Trips to the mall and the movies were replaced by protests and marches in the young artist’s life. As he took his words to the streets, it birthed the creative outlet to which he would soon be a master of. Rapping for change, his words demanded attention and lit a new fire in his heart. The one thing left to do, was to build a studio to capture the message.

In 2006, C3 Entertainment was established out of the rapper/producer’s home. While performing along the west coast and working on 5 albums under the C3 Entertainment label, C3 also recorded and produced several artist throughout the Portland Metro area. In 2009, the nonprofit brain child, Openmind Multimedia was born. C3 and his wife/vocalist Katie Clay have been developing the social networking nonprofit and expect it’s debut to support millions of artists across the nation.

Creatively and professionally, C3’s talents extend themselves far beyond the music realm, as the entrepreneur also thrives in media productions, graphic arts, and acting.

To request information about C3 or to have C3 to perform in your city, please contact C3nation@live.com. 









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