Dj Andy $tack




Portland rappers fall into many schools. From skinny jean hipsters rocking their ironic Ableton creations, to the stoner raps over jam bands. Andy $tack didn’t grow up in the boho-hippie paradise of the inner Eastside, but in the somewhat grittier Rose City District; passing hookers at 82nd and Sandy on his way home from school. He became one of the disaffected youth who listened to rap music the way suburban kids listened to punk, as a reaction against the white bread establishment that had produced them. By tenth grade he was rapping and beginning to produce his own beats, and still uses a mostly analog process. He prefers to sample, lifting sounds off actual vinyl records (not the internet) and is deeply attached to his Roland SP-808 and Technic 1200. He cut his teeth with the short-lived Hip-Hop group Triple F Productions on their album “Stereotype” where he produced nearly every beat and rhymed on nearly every song. His first solo album, “A Day in the Life”, chronicled a working-class chump from the moment he wakes up and calls in sick to his dead-end job at Wal-Mart, through the first puff of the day, getting blown, and finally getting arrested for a DUI. Now in his Thirty’s, he’s not new and he’s not famous. He is at an age where many musicians feel a crisis over whether to continue in the game, but to $tack the path is clear: “Even if no one listens, I’ll always continue to make music. Hip-hop was my first love.”
Andy $tack has collaborated with Rose City One, Matafact, Kable Roc, Eminent, The Sexbots, S.A.W.B. Won, Damian Grey, and more. He is currently working on a second album to be titled, “Futuristic Flow Fantastic.”




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