Event Schedule

A North West Hip Hop Celebration for Homeless Youth
Pioneer Square

Break Dancing Battle
Crews: Ripcity Kingz/Zulu nation/ Portland city rockers

Solo Battles: sign up at event

Live Graffiti Wall

4Bar Friday
Freestyle Battle:
Sign up at Event

Raffles/Prizes/ Give aways

Set at 8am stage sound(set up crew arrives)
Vendors arrive at 10am (sound Check)
12pm (sign up for 4 bar freestyle and solo break dancing battles) Artist are expected to arrive and hour before their set

Event Schedule:

DJ Pharo: (During Louchie vegas set DJ Haze will set up at other table)

12pm-12:10pm : Soul Minor spokesperson for hip hop/graffiti wall starts

(Start Selling Raffle Tickets at 12 pm)

12:15pm-12:20pm: Event introduction by Erin Miller

12:20-12:30: Pchrp will speak

12:30-1245: Mic Crenshaw speaks for Kboo

1245-1pm: Ray Ray

1pm-1:10pm: Spoken word performances Blaq Butterfly, Erin Miller= 5 minutes each

(Start Selling raffle Tickets at 1pm)

1:10pm-1:25pm: Performance by New Avenues: AMP

(Announce Guitar donation, Guitar lesson donation and 3 hour studio session for the youth that performed at Zebullon Daks studio: Outside of the Oldominion crew Zeb has recorded independent hip-hop giants such as Techn9ne, Aesop Rock, Aceyalone, Pigeon John and Cannibal Ox.)

1:30pm-1:40pm Louchie Vega ( DJ Haze Will spin for this set)

1:50pm-2pm Skeezo

2pm-2:10pm Taryn (dj Paper cuts starts to set up at other table)

2:10pm-2:40pm: 4 crew break dancing battle

2:40pm-2:50pm: Teressa Raiford speaks(10 mins)

DJ: Papercuts

2:55pm-3pm: Announce Raffle Winner

(Start Selling Raffle Tickets at 3pm)

3pm-3:20pm Landon wordwell

3:20pm-3:35pm Theory Hazit

3:40pm-3:50pm: Spokesperson for Hip Hop Jesse Sponberg

3:50-4pm Spokesperson for Hip Hop Karanja crews

4:00pm-4:30pm: 4 bar freestyle over local artist’s beats – Tyrone Hiner

4:35pm- 4:50pm: Soul Minor

4:50-5:05 Kinectic Mcs

5:10-5:35pm: Open breakdance competition (dj andy stacks sets up at other table)

5:35-5:40pm: Announce Raffle Winner

(Start Selling Raffle Tickets at 5:40pm)

DJ: Andy Stacks: (dont need scratch for ancient sol, tope or Luckiam) (just need Scratch for Bingx, The resistance, Mic crenshaw and the scratch off)

5:40pm-6pm: Ancient Sol


6:20pm-6:40pm: Bingx

6:45pm-7:15pm: Scratch-Off where Two DJ’s Show Case/ Andy $tacks and Papercutts

7:15pm-7:30pm: The Resistance

7:30-7:50pm: Mic Crenshaw (20 mins each)

8pm-9pm: LuckIam of Living legends

WEBSITE https://storiesfromthestreetspdx.wordpress.com/

Here is the Company i work and raise money for. http://www.amprocks.org


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