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Ja-han J. Newson (Born January, 15 1985) in San Jose, California, better known as his stage name “J.Bo” is a motivational recording artist uniquely exemplifying lyrics of the pain and the struggle one goes through in life. Known for his deep booming voice and catchy metaphorical punch lines he is proving to be a powerful force in the ranks of RLM Entertainment. Most people relate his style to Dr. Dre. He is currently working on his EP which is expected to be released this summer.

He was raised in Merced, California born to a black father with slavery roots and a white mother with KKK ties Ja-han aka J•Bo has endured many obstacles, trials and tribulations throughout his 28 years of life, including but not limited to child neglect, child hood trauma & child abuse. Ja-han as an adolescent witnessed & experienced many things a child should never have to witness, domestic violence, drugs, abandonment, foster homes & child shelters. The eldest of 4 with 1 sister and 2 brothers, Ja-han was not at all the child to make it in the world. It started young with fights in school then moving up to grand theft auto in his younger teen years in which he did a stint in juvenile hall for, although Ja-han did not start using drugs and alcohol until his later teen years the combination from ages 17-27 would ultimately lead to his self destruction. Eventually over time it would cause the loss of his own family through alcohol, drugs, infidelity, anger and eventually county jail time. His last stint in the county jail was his longest with just about 3 months under his belt it was definitely time for Ja-han to wake up & face the music.  Not only has this young man changed his life around for the better including no drinking, no smoking (including cigarettes) and a lot more self control he has also acquired the ability of stableness, clarity and intellectuality. J•Bo has been doing music for seven years, he is the father of a 5 year old beautiful baby girl named Nevaeh and although that lifestyle of music ultimately led to his self destruction Ja-Han has risen back from the grave to join his friend and confidant Talilo Marfil in making positive music for not only the next generation, but for the people whose pain were just as theirs. With a determination to not be defeated by his own demons but to rise above all that he has been through Ja-han is a man of great strength both mentally and emotionally,
To be blunt Ja-han is on a mission to help people and to encourage positive change in a world that is full of negativity, and with the help of RLM entertainment and a fan base that has never been reached out to like this before he is surely on his way to his dream of becoming a voice in a world that is heard in echoes!

“The hour of life ticks by the minute”





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