Louchie Vega

Name: Erick Alonso Alcantar Vega
Stage name : Louchie Vega a.k.a Silky Flaco The Mexican Mac
Chicano Rapper
born july 22nd 1990, cancer/leo



Birthplace : Mexico, Born in Contepec, Michoacan

Louchie Vega has been doin music since he was a little carnal. He found inspiration through his child hood struggles and his journey to the united states. Being brown and poor in a place where he didnt belong due to a languge barrier and little resourses to thrive, he had to find a way to express himself. Music was the first go to! You can find him on the corner spitting raps with the bucket man in downtown portland or rockin a stage at local venues. His name is not hard to be found rollin of the lips of many folks in the town and has gained the respect of many people that have came along his path. With his eloquent way of speaking and his charismactic manners he has inspired many people to follow their wildest dreams,stay true to their souls and share their own testimony to the world with music. Louchie Vega aka Silky Flaco The Mexican Mac hopes to make a positive impact in the community through his music and his struggles in life. You can get to know him more by pressing play!


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