DJ Pharo



I’m just a guy that loves music and wants to play all kinds of genres. Most of the music I play is on vinyl but I do not limit my self to one medium. Heady music for the masses and making booties shake is my goal.
DJ Pharo has been been rocking dance floors since 2004. It all started on his birthday he received his first pair of turntables, Gemini SL 1000’s. Ever since that day he has made it his job to give the people what they want to hear.
DJ Pharo has worked with groups like Bad Habitat, Kableroc, Yamio 263, DJ Zone just to name a few local NW heroes. Pharo has opened up for Zion-I, Gift of Gab, The Chicharones, Old Diminion, J-boog. Since joining with Bloodshot Riddims and Chronic Earwax, he has created his own style and flavor behind the decks.
Now Pharo is focused on being the best DJ/Turntablist he can become. By mixing and manipulating vinyl and Serato together making his own remix blends/mashups. Pharo rocks music festivals, clubs and house parties through out the northwest. The emotion he puts into track selection is impeccable, rockin dance floors with a message. TO BOOGIE!
He has also played on KPSU Radio 1490am, Adidas in store promos, local record store instore shows. Even a few weddings, fashion shows and all age concerts. Whether it’s Old School Hip- Hop, R&B, Reggae, Funk/Soul, Nu-funk/Ghettofunk, Dubstep, Midtempo Breaks, Glitch Hop “I’ll play it all”. DJ Pharo WILL make sure this is a show you wont forget. ~Bless up,
~Bloodshot Riddims!!!!!
I’m just another paying customer on this WACKY roller coaster ride called life. I am hugging the big brother i always wanted, graff art!!!!! To sum it all up………….. Mmmmm hip hop the fabric of my life.
I’m always on the hunt for knowledge and wisdom. Weather it’s reading books, browsing the inter web or talking to new and old friends.
I was born in a small town in the pacific north west called Lincoln city Oregon. My favorite color is gray, because its all colors and no color at the same time, both ends of the spectrum. One of my favorite things to do is going to record stores and digging through creates of records getting vinyl dust all over me and finding all those gems. As of Jan. 2013 I have 24 creates of records. I have been collecting since 2000, no plans on stopping. My friends and family mean a great deal to me. They have always been there to shine a flickering light through the darkness. ~Danka~



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