Mission Statement

June 20th 2014

Stories from the Streets is a groundbreaking celebration at Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon dedicated to exploring the life of Hip Hop in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to raise awareness on the positive influences and lifelong benefits that the Hip Hop Culture has had on our homeless youth and our community. All proceeds and donations from Stories from the Streets will directly benefit the New Avenues for Youth Non Profit, AMP project: A life-changing program that supports homeless youth while providing outlets for artistic expression. “They” say that there’s no time like the present; presently, the options for outlets are strictly limited. Our largest obstacle we need to hurdle consists of a lack of quality (or even decent) equipment. AMP is most specifically in dire need of music equipment; however, since we cater to artistic expression of various forms, we could absolutely utilize an assortment of art supplies. In attempt to change the life of a troubled youth, the proper tools are required, thus, we will use the proceeds of the event to create and develop the quality and quantity of our available outlets of artistic expression. To further expand upon the development of the youth we support, proceeds will also benefit future projects that provide many desperate young adults and teenagers a safer, healthier, more productive, and more therapeutic means of emotional release. So great in numbers are those that merely require a glimpse of a new path before discovering the road they are yearning to walk upon. We can give them that glimpse. Donations will be collected via sponsors, on the spot donations, merchandise, vendors, and ticket sales for the after party. Please, take a moment to consider what we are proposing.

To change the momentum of a city, to engage disconnected youth, to unify a community that will reciprocate positivity. We need your help! We are undertaking Stories from the Streets not just to fundraise for AMP but to spread awareness in the community regarding the importance of music and the arts, namely hip hop.

As of late, hip hop in Portland has been receiving a lot of public discrimination involving law enforcement and something must be done. A bold and non-threatening way to do so would be to host
an event in the heart of the city that’ll shine a light on some specific, but beautiful forms of urban art while involving and including the community.
Elemental Categories

Fire- Rapping: Performing artists and a 4-bar freestyle competition.

Air- DJing : Scratch-Off (performances by assorted artists), DJ support for breakdancing and MC’s.

Water- a breakdancing competition open to the public (including crews and individuals).

Earth- Graffiti art including a graffiti mural to be created throughout the event and then presented to the public upon conclusion.

A culmination of the night’s events will be hosted at the Star Theater for a late night 21 and up celebration. Proceeds from the after party will also benefit New Avenues for Youth.

We need a set up crew, clean up crew and a ticket selling team. Those that volunteer will get a free Stories from the Street T-shirt and a free pass to the after party.

We need more sponsors, so if you know of any companies that want to help with this event please let us know.

THIS IS A FUNDRAISER, so we need donations, we are trying to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of throwing this event and generate funds for the homeless youth music program(AMP). Anything exceeding this goal is greatly appreciated

WE NEED YOUR HELP! To share, post, re tweet, join and give back! This is a community effort, not just give back to our community but to spark awareness in our community and utilize hip hop as a positive force rather then a negative one. Join us in building this annual event and make history for not just this generation but the next.

Thank you!

Luckyiam of Living Legends

Star Theater Portland
Scarub of Living Legends



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