Soul Minor


Soul Minor, independent emcee & producer, is on a mission with a message. 
His debut album, PerMission To Shine is a slow-cooked pot of reflective storytelling, 
ancient teachings & global social awareness through the language of hip-hop. 
culminating on the last track with authentic pow-wow drums and a 26-piece choir. 
Since the 2013 release, Soul Minor has traveled across the world, from local high-schools to Indonesia, 
sharing his message of inspiration & empowerment.

At 13, Soul Minor was front row at his first concert to see The Wu-Tang Clan at the Roseland in downtown Portland.
 In high-school he began making beats and freestyling with friends, influenced by Outkast, Immortal Technique and 2pac.
 After a year on a scholarship to an art-school, he dropped out and began a process of self-education,
 reading such books such as 1984, The Autobiography of Malcolm X and The Peaceful Warrior. 
As he and his neighborhood friends were getting deeper involved in a "hustler" lifestyle 
that lead to drug dealing, cycles of addiction and alcohol abuse, it was a near-death experience 
that was the wake-up call to change his lifestyle. 
Journeying across states, he participated in a ceremony with a Native elder that showed him another way of life, 
eventually committing to sobriety, he began the path of personal growth, healing and transformation, 
becoming aligned with his vision and mission.

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