By Matt Brewster

The twenty-two year old Filipino half-breed from Portland, OR may be a rap-rookie in the grand scheme of the scene, but his showmanship, wordplay, and tenacity elevates him to an echelon that attacks the pros.  Disclaimer: Taryn is not your average underground artist; his immensely-stylized flavor is certain to leave a delectable taste lingering in the mouths of your ears.

Born in the itty-bitty city of roses, this “P-town cat” is a native through and through.  He’s never relocated in his life, and is wholly devoted to the art of rap, for the love of rap (he also loves puppies and kitties and he swallows his pastries slow).  Part of that devotion, he attributes to his cousin Eddie (an African-American rapper who Taryn met towards the beginning of his teenage years) who helped give him the confidence to be a rapper even though he wasn’t of African-American decent.  With that, Taryn first began his rap career at the age of twelve (during the reign of “the Lil’s” such as Bow Wow and Romeo) under the self-given handle, Lil Shorty- chosen because he predicted his own vertical challenges.  Though he may have drawn the short-stick in the stature department, he has developed his presence on stage and on the mic to that of titanic proportions as the artist currently known simply as, Taryn.

After speaking personally with Taryn, I cannot put enough emphasis on the word, dedication.  Growing up as a struggling reader, it’s a wonder that he is equipped with the vocabulary arsenal of a thesaurus.  Albeit, none of us should be too surprised because when a person is driven to accomplish what others say is unlikely or impossible, we all know it’s the “great ones” who turn those remarks into fuel for the fire.  I have a sneaking suspicion that under any circumstance, Taryn would continue to be a fervent student of the art-form that is rap and rhyme.

In 2012, Taryn released his first EP titled, i. Recite, which has effectively and thoroughly impressed those who have listened to it.  All of the lyrics on that EP seem to be derived from his life’s story with songs about his city, his beliefs, himself, and his mother.  Additional works can be found at http://www.soundcloud.com/twrightramirez, http://www.reverbnation.com/taryn, and Instagram @ metaryn.

Don’t hesitate to pull the proverbial trigger on opportunity to see Taryn perform live because you aren’t just going to hear tightly-syncopated rhyming and intelligent lyricism, but your eyes will have the privilege to feast on the multi-faceted showmanship that he brings to the stage (suave dance moves included, but that’s just what happens since Michael Jackson was his childhood hero.  Can I get a “hee-heee”?).  Speaking towards his character, when asked about his end-game goals, he replied not with dreams of fortune and fame, but with respectable aspirations such as mastering his free-style and writing skills and selling out at least one stadium.  Most of all, he spoke of, “…improving every dynamic as an artist, rapper, performer, and entertainer.”  What more can you ask of an up-and-coming artist?  Respect; guess what, this kid has it in spades.  In short, he supports people being people, and he puts forth the effort to make that apparent to those who are willing to listen.

“If you drink, raise your glass or cup, and if you smoke, burn the ashes up.  It’s time to live up, yup.  And for the sober ones who passed it up or gave it up, that’s what’s up. Have a blast!  Live up!” –Taryn (i. Recite: “Live Up”)





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