Zulu Nation


We are the Oregon chapter of Universal Zulu Nation. Our members, who come from many different cultures, nationalities, countries, and religions, share a belief in freedom, justice, equality, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  Some of the projects we organize and are involved with are: canned food drives, free educational programs, community jam sessions, home and building cleanups, mentoring programs and concerts.


Our Mission:
We are committed to positive activity that improves and uplifts ourselves and our communities. We believe now is the time to break down the walls of division, to build together as well as develop individually, based on the founding principles of hip-hop: Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun.

History of the Universal Zulu Nation:
The Universal Zulu Nation was started in 1973 in Bronx, New York City. Its founder was DJ Afrika Bambaataa – the hip hop culture icon. At the beginning the Universal Zulu Nation was a street community which derived from Black Spades gang. Its aim was to direct street gangs’ negative energy to a positive activity of hip hop culture staring at that time, first among afroamerican and latinoamerican community. Afrika Bambaataa had a vision to use music as a vehicle to spread his message, knowing that music is the universal language and crosses all barriers. He began to organize cultural events for youth, combining local dance, street art, DJing and emceeing into what would become known as the 4 elements of hip-hop culture. By the 1980s, hip hop had spread globally, and the Zulu Nation has since established branches all over the world, with chapters in Japan, France, the UK, Australia, South Korea and the Cape Town, South Africa.

Goals of the Universal Zulu Nation:

  • To educate, develop and improve the present state of mind of adults and youth around the world.
  • To spread our message of love, peace and unity amongst all races through our ways and actions.
  • To preserve the culture of Hip-Hop and all art forms created from it and to use music as a medium for cultural exchange and understanding.
  • To provide a safe haven to nurture the inherent genius of adults and youth around the world.
  • To assist others in developing careers and opportunities as they express their God-given potential and talents.

The name ‘Zulu Nation’ comes from a great South African tribe that became an empire under the leadership of Shaka Zulu, a Zulu Chieftan (leader). The word Amazulu means “the people of Heaven” and ‘Zulu’ means “the Heavens” and “strength in numbers.”


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